Group of Companies

The Newar Group currently operates primarily in three major sectors – Tea, Metal Caps, and Toys for Children. Innovation through collaboration coupled with a business excellence movement direct the future course of the group’s activities. Listed below are the profiles of the three main group companies.

  • Halmira Estate Tea Pvt Ltd Newar Group

    The Halmira Estate Tea Private Limited operates under the canopy of the Newar Group and is engaged in the manufacture and supply of premium quality tea. With five tea estates in the Jorhat-Golaghat region, the enterprise is fast achieving great heights, while gaining a trustworthy reputation.

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  • Arvind Press Caps Newar Group

    Situated in Bhiwadi, 70 kms away from Delhi, the Arvind Press Caps Limited enjoys market leadership in the industry of metal caps. Since its inception in 1983, the company has already attained wide recognition through its remarkable and pioneering products.

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  • Koolkidz Products Ltd Newar Group

    Kool Kidz Products Limited deals in supply of high quality toys for education, development, and entertainment of children. Headquartered in Kolkata, the products are known for their durability, imaginative design, and perfect finesse.

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  • Newar Food and Hospitality Newar Group

    The empire of Newar Foods is built on seven hills--Go Candy, Simply Chaat, Simply Corn, Kebabs And More, Just Potato, Kool Munchies and Energy. We started extending our territories in 2016. And within one year, we have become the much-adored gastronomic sensation. We have made an extensive research to bring to you the most sought-after delicacies. Farm fresh ingredients, dexterous culinary tricks are our secrets which cast a magic spell on your platter. With all these and more to come, we have embarked on a journey to add feathers to the cap of Newar.

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  • Benito Newar Group


    BENITO URBAN having its Head Office in Barcelona, Spain, is the heir to century old machinery casting and forging business that has turned into a leader in the global Urban Equipment industry, with sales in more than 50 countries, a professional and dedicated team and the resources to assure a growing global presence.

    Product ranges includes, with more than 6,000 items of Street Lighting, Site Furnishing, Covers & Grates. And Playground etc
    Benito Urban, S.L.U & Contempary Win framz Private Limited (a Newar Group of Companies), Indian Joint Venture:

    Benito Urban, S.L.U and Contempary Win framz Pvt Ltd began its Indian venture in 2016, with the Office situated in Saket, a prime location in New Delhi.

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